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100 useful business english expressions

100-useful-business-english-expressions-218x300 100 useful business english expressions

Imagine your boss asks you a question you can’t answer, or gives you more work than you can do. What can you say to keep your boss happy – without looking unprofessional?

You may be an expert at your job, but if you don’t know the correct English phrase, you might hesitate or say the wrong thing. Then, when we don’t know what to say, we feel embarrassed – and stupid.

This book has all the phrases you need to succeed in English and to make a great impression in every work situation. It’s for anyone who works in an English-speaking office, or deals with English-speaking colleagues anywhere in the world.

You’ll learn how to:

Answer difficult English questions at interviews to land a great job
Impress your boss, expand your role and get a promotion
Speak up in meetings so your ideas get heard and you get credit
Socialize and network in English with ease
Delegate work, give feedback and manage people and projects in ways that get you respect
Deal with difficult colleagues to repair bad situations and build great working relationships




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