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Introduction to Estimating, Plan Reading and Construction Techniques (2020)

Introduction-to-Estimating-Plan-Reading-and-Construction-Techniques Introduction to Estimating, Plan Reading and Construction Techniques  (2020)

by Gary Anglin
English | 2020 | ISBN: 0367209039 | 459 Pages | PDF | 31 MB

To understand Construction Estimating one must also understand plan reading and construction techniques. This book is designed to teach the construction student these three core skills in equal measure. Using hundreds of plans, sketches, and photos, the book builds case studies of the major construction divisions including concrete, masonry, carpentry, and more. Over forty cases are divided into sections following a specially designed format:

  • Plans: Scale drawings of floor plans, sections, or elevations.
  • Plan Interpretation: The drawings are explained with comments.
  • Scope of the Work: A written description of the boundaries of the work is given for each section.
  • Construction Techniques: The construction processes and their sequence are explained.
  • The Takeoff: A takeoff is shown at the end of each section.

This approach helps foster confidence in plan reading, building methods, arithmetic, takeoffs, and estimates. The various products and terms used in the industries of structural steel, doors and hardware, and roofing are defined. The shop drawing process is explained, which is so important in many industries, as well as the role of and difference between manufacturers, fabricators, and suppliers/distributors. The book ends with a study of ‘front end’ documents, including Division 00 General Conditions, AIA 201, and Division 01 General Requirements, and a chapter on Ethics. This textbook can be used to teach a variety of classes including plan reading, construction techniques, and estimating 1 and 2 (takeoffs and pricing).




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