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Biochemistry 1st Canadian edition (2013)

Biochemistry-1st-Canadian-edition Biochemistry 1st Canadian edition (2013)

English | ISBN: 0176502653 | 2013 | 1255 Pages | PDF | 145 MB

Biochemistry 1st Canadian edition guides students through course concepts in a way that reveals the beauty and usefulness of biochemistry in the everyday world from a unique Canadian context. Biochemistry is a living science that touches every aspect of our lives and this book ensures students are made aware of the significance and interdisciplinary nature of this subject; questions posed at the beginning of each chapter and new “Why it Matters” boxes grab interest and tap into students inner ‘scientist’ answering why and how topics are relevant and important, “Human Biochemistry” features highlight how biochemistry affects our bodies, as well as “Critical Developments” sections focus on various types of drug design. Highlighting the most current research topics such as mRNA turnover and microRNA, as well as Canadian researchers and institutions, the 1st Canadian edition of Biochemistry will help students master the concepts of biochemistry and gain new insight into this dynamic science.




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