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Psychology: Core Concepts, Eightih Edition

Psychology-Core-Concepts Psychology: Core Concepts, Eightih Edition

2017 | ISBN: 9780134191485 | English | 721 pages | PDF | 53 MB
Psychology: Core Concepts, Eighth Edition provides rich coverage of the foundational topics taught for introductory psychology. Award-winning authors Philip Zimbardo, Robert Johnson, and Vivian McCann make the material meaningful and memorable for students. Each major section of every chapter is organized around a single core concept. The core concepts allow readers to draw connections across the chapter and to see the big picture of psychology. Learning is then reinforced through focused application and critical-thinking activities. The Eighth Edition introduces many new and exciting developments in psychology, such as the exploding field of epigenetics, initiatives to develop brain-based alternatives to the DSM-5, and Bandura’s theory of moral disengagement.

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