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Election Night 2016 From Dark Money (A Vintage Short)

Election-Night-2016-From-Dark-Money-A-Vintage-Short-192x300 Election Night 2016 From Dark Money (A Vintage Short)

English | October 2nd, 2018 | ISBN: 0525566600 | 21 Pages | EPUB | 3.90 MB

The last president election was a stunning political upset when Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman won in a political coup, with no experience whatsoever. But along with this outsider, on the night of his victory, longtime conservative operator David Koch was standing, and smiling, amid a throng of revelers on the eve of November 8, 2016.

In her electrifying and much-lauded, bestselling book, Jane Mayer reveals that the era of the Koch brothers and big money in American politics is far from over, despite how much discussion there is to the contrary. Rather, the secret figures behind the moneyed American oligarchy continue to wield tremendous influence over the political agendas of the Trump administration, the Republican Party today, the radical Right, and all corridors of power in Washington.

A Vintage Shorts Selection. An ebook short.




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