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Second Language Writing (2003)

Author(s): Ken Hyland Series: Cambridge Language Education Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Year: 2003 ISBN: 0521534305,9780521534307,9780511500473,0521827051,9780521827058 Description: This text is a highly accessible and authoritative approach to the theory and practice of teaching writing to students of English. This book is an accessible and authoritative approach to the theory...

The Syntax of Nonsententials: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (2006)

Author(s): Ljiljana Progovac, Kate Paesani, Eugenia Casielles, Ellen Barton Series: Linguistik Aktuell / Linguistics Today Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Co, Year: 2006 ISBN: 9027233578,9789027233578 Download https://usafiles.net/2mYG/The_Syntax_of_Nonsententials_Multidisciplinary_Perspectives.pdf

Constructions and Language Change (2008)

Author(s): Bergs, Alexander, Alexander Bergs Series: Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter, Year: 2008 ISBN: 3110198665,9783110198669 Description: Studies in diachronic linguistics increasingly acknowledge that linguistic change is highly context-dependent and somehow tied to constructions as linguistic units. This is the first volume to investigate...

Multimodal Metaphor (2009)

Author(s): Charles J. Forceville, Eduardo Urios-Aparisi, Charles J. Forceville Series: Applications of Cognitive Linguistics Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter, Year: 2009 ISBN: 3110205157,9783110205152,3110215365,9783110215366 Description: Metaphor pervades discourse and may govern how we think and act. But most studies only discuss its verbal varieties. This book examines metaphors drawing on...

Oxford Reading – Sherlock Holmes

Oxford Reading Around the World in 80 Days Download https://usafiles.net/2mYu/Oxford_Reading_Around_the_World_in_80_Days.pdf Oxford Reading Merlin Download https://usafiles.net/2mYv/Oxford_Reading_Merlin.pdf Oxford Reading Sherlock Holmes and the Blue Diamond Download https://usafiles.net/2mYw/Oxford_Reading_Sherlock_Holmes_and_the_Blue_Diamond.pdf Oxford Reading Sherlock Holmes Download https://usafiles.net/2mYx/Oxford_Reading_Sherlock_Holmes.pdf Oxford Reading Skateboarder Download https://usafiles.net/2mYy/Oxford_Reading_Skateboarder.pdf Oxford Reading The Selfish Giant Download https://usafiles.net/2mYz/Oxford_Reading_The_Selfish_Giant.pdf

How to Read People Like a Book

This manual provides a cutting-edge distillation of the techniques developed over the centuries by politicians, advertisers, criminals and other masters of their own universe. When applied, they can help you analyse anyone. This will allow you to connect with any personality type you want, forging friendships and social...