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Thinking Styles (2020)

Thinking Styles (2020)

English | ISBN: 1527558177 | 2020 | 235 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Thinking styles, defined as ones preferred way of using abilities, have been considered as an important factor in explaining human performance. However, is it worthwhile to pay attention to thinking styles in addition to traditional constructs in individual differences, such as personality? Are there good styles or bad styles? Can thinking style be cultivated? Which thinking styles should we aim to cultivate? And how to cultivate these styles? This book answers these questions and more by addressing three major controversial issues in the field of styles: namely, whether thinking styles are distinct from, or are part of, personality traits; whether or not thinking styles can be changed; and whether or not thinking styles are value-laden. Based on a comprehensive review of previous literature and the analyses of results from a mixed-method, longitudinal study, the book provides solid and intriguing research evidence to the discussion of the above issues. Both academics and graduate students who wish to do research in the field of styles will find the book useful for its insights into the nature of thinking styles.