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Study Guide for University Physics (2007)

Study Guide for University Physics

English | 416 pages | Addison-Wesley; 12th edition (August 17, 2007) | 0321500334 | PDF | 24.06 Mb

Physics is the study of natural phenomena. In physics, we build theo­ ries based on observations of nature, and those theories evolve into physical laws. We often seek simplicity: Models are simplified ver­ sions of physical phenomena that allow us to gain insight into a phys­ ical process. This chapter covers foundational material that we will use throughout our study. We begin with measurements that include units, conversions, precision, significant figures, estimates, orders of magnitude, and scientific notation. We will also examine physical quantities. Scalar quantities, such as temperature, are described by a single number. Vector quantities, such as velocity, require both a mag­ nitude and a direction for a complete description. We will delve deeper into vectors, as they are used throughout physics. We’ll also include a summary of critical mathematics skills you will apply throughout your physics career. Techniques developed in this chapter will be used throughout our investigation of physics.