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How To Build Massive Shoulders (2017)

English | February 21, 2017 | ISBN: 1543270565 | 57 Pages | EPUB | 0.12 MB

Are you fed up with the typical workouts that deliver no results? Are you tired of working out for hours wasting time and money? If so then read on… Many bodybuilders aspire to create big shirt-busting arms and that is possibly the number one reason why many of us go to the gym. But big arms alone won’t make your physique will stand out. Width and a V taper will. Put two men side by side with the same waist size and ask who is bigger? The guy with the wider shoulders wins. Wide shoulders will give your entire physique that herculean bronze-statue larger than life look. You could have a number of great body parts but if your overall shape is narrow you’ll look small. If your arms are huge and your shoulders small, you’ll look narrow. The shoulders add overall proportion, add balance, create an aesthetically pleasing silhouette. Sure big thighs, boulder like calves and breast-plate pecs look great, and certainly get notice, and you should develop them in conjunction with all the muscles of the body if you want the total body. But whatever your goal you will need to create width. Nothing that gets more notice than a taut V-Taper that every bodybuilder craves. But getting that perfect V-Taper is not as easy as it seems otherwise everyone at the gym would have boulder like shoulders. Many guys go to the gym train for hours but don’t make the progress they want, if any. The reasons for not making the progress we want is varied and many. Maybe you have hit a plateau, maybe you have just started training or are returning to the gym, or hit a wall where your growth has just stopped and we can’t seem to move forward and get that size we crave. That is where this book comes in. This book includes: -Details on how the shoulder muscles actually work -6 Weeks of workouts -20 Protein shakes/snacks for Pre and Post workout -The BEST trick to ensure you build quality muscle Scroll up and get started!