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Competency Mapping for Superior Results: Getting the Maximum from Your Talent (2011)

English | 2011 | ISBN: 1259005704 | PDF | 178 Pages | 2.3 mb

“Since the last few decades organizations are realizing that in order to maintain a competitive edge they need to understand and identify competencies which drive performance. They are now setting up processes that will enable them to not only assess competencies among employees, but also develop competencies in employees aiming to take up greater challenges and shouldering more responsibility. The book provides a comprehensive understanding of competency mapping from the perspectives of conceptual framework as well as practical implementation. The author aims to impart a broad understanding of the concept of competency mapping, its benefits as well as all that is involved in implementing competency mapping; and a cost effective way of implementing the whole process. Real life experiences-what works, and what does not, as well as the associated pain areas are also discussed. The book also provides insights into assessment tools used for competency mapping. Competency mapping is a technique that has been primarily adopted in large businesses. However, small and medium sized businesses, not for profit organizations and Government agencies will also find the techniques in this book equally effective and relevant. This book discusses competency mapping in a simple and comprehensive way that will give HR professionals, business heads and CEOs a clear understanding of the concept as well as its practical applications. Faculty and students of HR will also find this book very useful and a must considering that competency mapping is highly complex and uses specialized tools.”