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Ntc’s American Idioms Dictionary

Ntcs-American-Idioms-Dictionary-200x300 Ntc's American Idioms Dictionary

Idioms are figures of speech that can defy literal interpretation and confound both native and non-native speakers of American English. This resource covers 8500 “proverbs, informal phrases and common sayings.” Phrases are arranged alphabetically by the first word of the phrase, excluding articles such as a, an, and the. Typical entries provide brief definitions and examples of usage.

The phrase finder index links keywords such as “cranny” to phrases such as “every nook and cranny.” An appendix (not seen) features irreversible two- or three-word phrases (e.g., fast and furious, not furious and fast). Readers seeking the stories behind inscrutable expressions may choose to consult slang or historical dictionaries instead. Libraries that already own American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms or Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang may wish to pass on this work.




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