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English Grammar: Advanced Practice Tests

English-Grammar-Advanced-Practice-Tests-188x300 English Grammar: Advanced Practice Tests

The attitude to learn is an attribute that you must never lose. I believe you have learned a lot of important things that will help you speak and write English more effectively. However, learning must never end here. As much as this book covered a wide range of grammatical and spelling errors, it does not cover every error in the English language. Hence, it is imperative that you continue to seek avenues to learn more and continue to improve.
You don’t have to be a native speaker before you can write and communicate effectively in the English language. There have been people who have won awards for literary works in the English language who were not native speakers. Hence, the only limitation to your efficiency in English grammar is the one you place on yourself. You will only be as good as you want to be.
However, desire is not enough. You have to take deliberate steps to improve yourself every day. Buy books and read quality material that can improve your speaking and writing. The quality of your life is equivalent to what you do with your resources. Your money and time are two vital resources you have to utilize judiciously. Invest your time and money in activities that will improve your life.




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