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Dark Psychology and Manipulation (2020)

Dark-Psychology-and-Manipulation Dark Psychology and Manipulation (2020)

English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08KFH32NS | 618 Pages | EPUB | 1.06 MB

Have you ever been manipulated, seduced or deceived by someone that seemed very charismatic, but turned out to be a liar?

Would you like to know how it happened and never make the same mistake again?
You see, Dark Psychology and Manipulation techniques are very sneaky. They move under your radar; they act on your subconscious and they are extremely powerful.
You are about to learn how to spot them, what to do about it, and what can you learn from it, so you can apply these techniques for the better.
This is not just a guide with quick tips and tricks. This book has been written to give you a deep understanding of Dark Psychology and Manipulation, Communication, Body Language and NLP techniques.
You will discover the link between
Dark Psychology and Dark NLPEmotional TriggersCommunication and EnergyManipulation and Mind Control Secrets

It will take your social skills to a whole new level
You will learn:
How to read people and find out who they really are behind the surfaceHow to deal with toxic people and deceptive personalitiesHow to improve your communication and your relationshipsHow to become a master of influence and get what you want in life

…and much more!

You will discover how you can use this knowledge for the better and how deceptive people these techniques for Mind Control purposes, so they will never be able to manipulate you again.

This book includes examples from real-life situations and real social dynamics.

it will give you an unbelievable advantage in your everyday life, in your relationships, with your family, with your friends, at work, with people of the opposite sex.




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