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The Brain Always Wins (2016)

The-Brain-Always-Wins-652x1024 The Brain Always Wins (2016)

English | November 10, 2016 | ISBN: 1909273732 | 256 Pages | EPUB | 1.83 MB

The Brain Always Wins is the practical guide to improving your life through better brain management. It is based on one simple fact: Our brain controls and determines everything we do! How we perceive, understand and respond to the world, how we survive, adapt and communicate, how we learn and remember, the decisions we make and the emotions we feel, are all determined by our amazing brain. We have to take care of our brain because it takes cares of us! And the great news is that we can! In the Brain Always Wins John Sullivan and Chris Parker combine science and storytelling, teaching us all how to create our own personalized brain management process. So if you want to improve any – or all – aspects of your life, from personal to professional and anything in-between, The Brain Always Wins will show you how.




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