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Launch Photography (2019)

Launch Photography

Amherst Media | English | 2019 | ISBN-10: 168203416X | 128 pages | ePUB | 52.88 MB

by Ben Cooper (Author)

Enjoy a collection of photographs of manned and unmanned space crafts from yesteryear and the new era.
Master launch photographer Ben Cooper captures readers’ favorite subjects in a new light. Rather than presenting the standard rocket lifting off the launch pad” images, he provides fresh perspectives. In addition to providing text about manned and unmanned crafts that will pique the interest of shuttle enthusiasts and newcomers alike, he shares wide-angle captures, night photographs, images shot from seldom-seen angles, and more. Readers will marvel over detailed photos of the shuttle before and after retirement, and juxtaposed with nature (Cape Canaveral’s launch pages are surrounded by a national wildlife refuge), behind-the-scenes shots, images of the crafts rolling to the pad, and launching and landing too. Photographs of unmanned rockets, such as United Launch Alliance Delta II, Delta IV, and Atlas V rockets, which have been launching for a long time, plus the new era SpaceX, Falcon 9, and Falcon Heavy rockets, will please readers young and old.”