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An Introduction to Basic Astronomy Concepts (with Space Photos) (2012)

An-Introduction-to-Basic-Astronomy-Concepts-with-Space-Photos An Introduction to Basic Astronomy Concepts (with Space Photos)  (2012)

English | June 27, 2012 | ASIN: B008G4OR1U, ISBN: 1478169729 | AZW3 | 186 Pages | 10.3 MB

This eBook provides a highly visual and colorful introduction to a variety of basic astronomy concepts:

Overview of the Solar System
Understanding the Lunar Phases
Understanding Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Understanding the Seasons
Evidence that the Earth is Round
Models of Our Solar System
Laws of Motion in Astronomy
Beyond Our Solar System

This eBook features numerous NASA space photos. (NASA did not participate in the writing or publication of this eBook.) Many diagrams, like the heliocentric and geocentric models or explaining the phases of the moon, were constructed by combining together NASA space photos instead of simply drawing circles.

The content is suitable for a general interest audience, as well as those who may be learning astronomy and are looking for some supplemental instruction that is highly visual and focused on a variety of fundamental concepts.




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