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Gems of Japanized English (1988)

Gems-of-Japanized-English Gems of Japanized English  (1988)

English | 1988 | ISBN: 0804815550 | 135 Pages | MOBI | 2.25 MB

Japanese do things better, this book may be the ideal antidote. Even the Japanese are quick to admit that despite their enthusiasm for learning it, they still have a certain amount of difficulty with the English language.<br.
This is no new phenomenon. Shortly after Japan opened her ports to foreign traders, one doctor advertised himself as “a Specialist in the Decease of Children”; eggs were sold as “extract of fowl” ; and a notice advised that “Tomorrow, from midnight to 12 noon, you will receive dirty water. ” Fortunately, things are improving, but very slowly. A more recent English-language newspaper reported that someone’s “wedding was consummated in the garden of the American consul’s home,” while a road sign was posted near a busy intersection that commanded drivers to “Have many accidents here.”

Long-time Tokyo resident Miranda Kenrick has collected these and hundreds of other delightful anecdotes to form a lighthearted, but unabashedly affectionate, portrait of the J apanese at home. R eading this book may do more for U.S.-Japan relations than a whole bookshelf of more seriousminded tomes.




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