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Japanese Character Writing For Dummies (2020)

Japanese-Character-Writing-For-Dummies Japanese Character Writing For Dummies  (2020)

2020 | ISBN: 1119475430 | English | 96 Pages | PDF | 6 MB

Learn to write 100 Japanese characters

If you want to join the ranks of more than 128 million speakers of Japanese worldwide, this book should be your first stop! Whether studying for school, business, or travel, learning to write the Japanese Kanji characters is essential to gain a working knowledge of this language.

Japanese is considered to be the most complicated writing system in the world, with tens of thousands of characters. But with Japanese Character Writing For Dummies, you’ll find easy step-by-step instructions for writing the first 100 Japanese Kanji characters with ease.

Includes online bonus content featuring videos, downloadable flashcards, and printable writing pages
Offers easy-to-follow instruction for writing 100 Japanese characters
Helps you take your understanding of the language to a new level
Shows you how to use the written word to communicate with native speakers

Learning to write Japanese Kanji characters is fun – and now it’s fast and easy too!




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