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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Irish History and Culture (1999)

The-Complete-Idiots-Guide-to-Irish-History-and-Culture The Complete Idiot's Guide to Irish History and Culture  (1999)

English | February 1, 1999 | ISBN: 0028627105 | 288 Pages | EPUB | 0.98 MB

You’re no idiot, of course.? You know that St. Patrick’s Day is in March, JFK was our only Irish-Catholic President, and that the IRA isn’t necessarily a tax-deferred account. But when it comes to knowing about the history and culture of Ireland, you feel as Irish as a box of stale Lucky Charms. Don’t give up on the luck of the Irish just yet! The Complete Idiot’s Guideto Irish History and Culture is here to help you learn all about the Emerald Isle, from the Celts to the present day. In this Complete Idiot’s Guide?, you get: -Fascinating details on Celtic culture. -Blow-by-blow accounts of Ireland’s struggle for freedom from British rule. -Exciting tales of great Irish heroes, like Brian Boru and Michael Collins. -Rich cultural traditions, from weddings to wakes. -Concise profiles of Irish icons in politics and the arts, from Daniel O’Connell to Oscar Wilde.




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