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Cyber Warfare: A Reference Handbook (2015)

Cyber-Warfare-A-Reference-Handbook Cyber Warfare: A Reference Handbook  (2015)

English | ISBN: 1610694430 | 2015 | 340 Pages | PDF | 2 MB

This timely handbook traces the development of cyber capabilities from their roots in information warfare and cryptology to their potential military application in combat.
Cyber warfare is gaining prominence as a serious tactic in military conflicts throughout the world. And, as the most network-dependent nation on earth, the United States is the most vulnerable. Military expert and author Paul J. Springer examines the many facets of cyber combat-from the threats of information exposure that American civilians encounter on a daily basis, to the concern of keeping up with the capabilities of China and Russia, to the inherent dangers in ignoring cyber threats.
This essential reference-the only of its kind to include an overview of other cyber warfare literature-emphasizes the importance of cyber operations in modern conflicts, detailing the efforts that have been made by government agencies to create networks that are secure. Noted experts in the field weigh in on the problems of attribution during a cyber attack, the detection of cyber intrusions, and the possible solutions for preventing data breaches. The book features profiles of theorists, commanders, and inventors; as well as organizations dedicated to cyber attacks, including government and military operations, industrial cyber security companies, and academic centers.

Incorporates expertise from diverse viewpoints from the military, government agencies, industry, and academia
Provides an informative timeline of key events in the development of cyber warfare capabilities
Highlights the most prominent and effective cyber attacks in history as well as legal attempts to curb them




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