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A New Outline of Social Psychology

A-New-Outline-of-Social-Psychology A New Outline of Social Psychology

English | 287 pages | Amer Psychological Assn; 1 edition (June 1, 1997) | 1557984085 | PDF | 25.36 Mb
The mosaic of social psychology includes pieces of all the social sciences. Thus, this discipline has seemed sprawling and disjointed. As outlined in this book, however, social psychology comes into focus, and its pieces form a unified whole. In A New Outline of Social Psychology, senior social scientist Martin Gold presents a new, integrated model of social psychology, focusing on the reciprocal relations between the person and the social environment. The specification of different influence processes among four levels of analysis (person, social organization, interpersonal relations, and culture) in their zones of interpenetration illuminates the dynamics of the social science domain.



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