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Neils_Knudsen_-_The_Singing_Stones_of_Rendor-198x300 Download: Neils Knudsen - The Singing Stones of Rendor

Eidolon Media, LLC; 1 edition | English | 2014 | ISBN: 1496129725 | 346 pages | EPUB | 0.4 MB

Endowed with a magical ability not seen since the ancient Rendor Empire, life for K’Las just turned dangerous-and he’s not even born yet.

His parents hide him in plain sight for several years until they learn of a plot to seize an heirloom and enslave the powerful magical voices that blend with the family treasure. The family manages to escape the clutches of cold-blooded zealots from the Grand Peer that chases them to one of Rendor’s mysterious great henges.

A wild and shrewd wizard who hides within the henge, learns of the family’s secret treasure and vanquishes one of the zealots, but not out of altruism. He too is covetous of the powerful treasure the family holds dear.



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