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Download: Down to the Dirt

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English | September 2, 2008 | ISBN: 1554684242 | EPUB | 224 Pages | 0.8 MB

Keith Kavanagh lost his virginity at 13 to a woman twice his age. He met his girlfriend while pissing on the hood of her father’s truck. He may have almost burned down the North Side of his Newfoundland outport hometown, but not even his best friend knows for sure.

The transient nature of happiness is nowhere more profoundly evident than in the small town known as the Cove, where the hard-drinking, hard-fighting, hardticket hooligan Keith-along with his girlfriend, Natasha, and reluctant best friend, Andy-has spent the bulk of his chaotic years. Booze, drugs, sex and violence have kept his world from falling apart and shielded him from the vicious realities of life. But when Natasha leaves him, he must finally face his demons.




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