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Salvestrol Richest Recipes

 Salvestrol Richest Recipes

2006 | ASIN: R20091220C | English | 32 Pages | PDF | 5 MB

Nature’s Defence is an innovative research company that brings together a unique blend of scientific expertise. Our industry-leading research facilities and ethical approach to business means we are uniquely placed to deliver groundbreaking new research technologies, that work with nature for the benefit of both mankind and the environment

Salvestrols are recently discovered, plant based nutrients – phytonutrients – which appear to be one of the most important components present in fresh fruit and vegetables and may be responsible for some of the major health benefits provided by these food sources. But, Salvestrols are normally present at such low levels in the modern diet that, until now, scientists had thought them to be insignificant to contribute to good health.

Salvestrols have been described by Professor Dan Burke as “The most significant breakthrough in nutrition since the discovery of vitamins.” And, the research team who first discovered Salvestrols and identified them as essential to our wellbeing, have now gained a detailed understanding of how the body uses these compounds.

What Are Salvestrols?
The Recipes
Salads, Side Dishes & Snacks
1. Wild Carrots With Fresh Mint
2. Fresh Asparagus In Butter Sauce
3. Asparagus Salad
4. Sweet And Sour Wild Carrots
5. Artichokes In Dipping Sauce
6. Broccoli With Garlic Mayonnaise
7. Curried Chicken Salad With Grapes
8. Lettuce Salad With Avocado
9. Garden Tuna Vinaigrette
10. Turnip, Mustard Or Dandelion Greens
11. Asparagus Broccoli
Or Cauliflower Soup
12. Asparagus Soup
13. Cream Of Asparagus Soup
14. All Day Vegetables Deluxe
15. Beef And Cabbage Soup
16. Vegetable Soup With Basil Au Pistou
17. Chunky Vegetable Soup With Dumplings
Main Courses
18. Anginares Me Anitho Artichokes With Dill
19. Asparagus With Garlic And Basil
20. Avocado Ahdi
21. California Chicken
22. Chicken And Fresh Vegetable Provencale
23. Algerian Cooked Wild Carrot Salad
24. Antipasto Salad
25. Asparagus Casserole
26. Bouquetiere De Legumes From The Chaparral
27. Lemon Chicken Asparagus
28. Sherried Chicken With Asparagus Wild Carrots And Noodle
29. Artichoke And Tomato Chicken
30. Chicken And Peppers
31. Couscous Primavera
32. Fresh Strawberry Glaze Cake
33. English Strawberry Trifle Cake
34. Real Fruit Fruitcake
35. A Plus Apple
36. Apple And Carrot Cake
37. Happy Endings Plum Cake




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