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 Talking Writing

Author:Kirsten Krauth |Edition 2013  |103Pages | PDF|500KB

Talking Writing is a vibrant and new conversation about writing. As a digital-only publication it collects the best pieces from the NSW Writers’ Centre magazine, Newswrite, a trusted and much loved resource for writers. The pieces were published between 2010 and 2012 and, as is evident from the contents list alone, in those three short years the magazine has covered an incredibly diverse range of genres.

We decided very early on when building this ebook that we wanted to have a very wordy title to feature as many genres as possible. So we’ve gone for Talking Writing 50 Contemporary Writers On Novels Short Stories Non-Fiction Poetry Playwriting Digital Fantasy Sci-Fi Blogging Criticism Comedy Erotica Crime Young Adult Screenwriting Picture Books Memoir And Much, Much More.

It’s another way of saying that there’s something here for everyone. Talking Writing covers influence, inspiration, manuscript development and getting your work to the best possible audience. The writers (and there are more than fifty, but we rounded it off) confront issues like how to engage with social media, collaborative processes, writing dynamic short stories, making characters likeable, writing about sex, going global, the healing power of writing, the terror of public speaking – and that’s just for starters. We talk to luminaries like Academy Award-winning writer/illustrator Shaun Tan and Margo Lanagan.

Talking Writing is the ideal resource for the aspiring, emerging and developing writer, and a great read for those wanting a peek into the writing life




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