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Download: Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage (4th edition)

Download: Hammer's German Grammar and Usage (4th edition)

Martin Durrell, “Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage” (4th edition)
ISBN: 0071396543 | edition 2002 | PDF | 576 pages | 50.9 mb

This much-awaited new edition of Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage–the pre-eminent, most authoritative German grammar reference in the English language–has been extensively revised with new German spelling changes and new usage examples. Instead of getting bogged down in idealized rules, Professor Durrell focuses on how Germans really speak. Included are clear and concise explanations, many examples from everyday life, and comprehensive cross-referencing and indexing.


If you study German at university it HAS to be on your shelf! This book got me through Oxford and was always my trusted companion in language exercises. Clear, to-the-point and comprehensive, it’s full of great examples to illustrate grammatical principles and covers regional/non-standard usage to boot. If you are serious about studying German, get it now! – Richard West, student of German, Oxford University




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