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Oxford – Q: Skills for Success 4 Listening and Speaking ( pdf + 4cd )

Oxford - Q: Skills for Success 4 Listening and Speaking ( pdf + 4cd )

Q Skills for Success 4 • Listening and Speaking Student’s Book with Audio CDs
2011 | English | MP3, 4CD, PDF 266 pages | 175.3 MB
Q Skills for Success encourages students to think critically and succeed academically. Q’s question-centred approach provides a unique critical thinking framework for each unit. This develops key cognitive skills such as analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating—as well as developing the language skills essential for academic success. Learning outcomes are clearly stated at the start and end of the units, with competency self-evaluations and vocabulary check lists featuring the Academic Word List. This enables teachers to define learning outcomes effectively to accreditation bodies.




CD 1


CD 2


CD 3


CD 4




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