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Download: Psychology in Chess by Nikolai Krogius

Download: Psychology in Chess by Nikolai Krogius

Psychology in Chess by Nikolai Krogius
RHM Press | June 1976 | ISBN-10: 0890580235 | DJVU/PDF | 243 pages | 3.42/20.6 mb

The role of psychology in chess has long been underrated in the Western World. Most players spend all of their study time immersed in books about the openings and the endgame, without even trying to analyze their own strengthsand weaknesses as a player. In the Soviet Union, on the other hand, it has long been known that an understanding of oneself and one’s opponents and an analysis of one’s own faults as a chess player can often be even more fruitful than a close study of the latest openings book.
Nikolai Kroghius an International Grandmaster and a professional psychologist as well as being an expert on the various methods used to train Soviet chess players . He has written several articles and books on chess psychology and the present volume combines the very best of KrogitlS’ writings on the subject.
Amongst the important subjects discussed in this book are time trouble, its causes, effects and cures, tournament tactics, the study of one’s opponent, and attention – how to develop one’s concentration and how to cure the various deficiencies of attention that are seen the play of every chess enthusiast.




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